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Opening and running a small business can be overwhelming.  Get some help here!  Get my free video training series on how to attract your ideal customers in droves:

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So many people dream of opening their own business, but never do it.  Why?  They do not know where to begin!  Find out more by clicking below. 

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Your customers probably suck!  How do you attract ideal customers who can make all the difference for your business? Sign up for the mini class:

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How to eliminate stress from you life, live from your heart, and enjoy a balanced life!

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How can you build your influence in a pandemic and beyond?  Learn how to leverage the power of the web and social media to grow your business.

Why do so many businesses fail?  Why do other succeed?

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About Me.

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1991, when I got my real estate license and helped run a real estate brokerage for many years. Then when I graduated from law school and passed the bar exam, I learned so much about business law, marketing, advertising and running many of my own successful law firms and small businesses.  I have been searching out the very best information on running a business and having life balance over the past 30 years.  

Let me share with you what I have learned!

They Say

Casey Berman

Trainer and Entreprenuer

" Adam is an exceptional human begin, and what he has created here is one of a kind - there is not really anything out there like BYOB. It is not hyperbole to say that the Be Your Own Boss course has overwhelmingly changed my life"

Adam Von Romer

Commercial Real Estate Broker

" I turn to Adam O for all kinds of business advice, whether it is marketing or general business knowledge.  You cannot go wrong when you learn from him, he knows his stuff!"


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