May 4, 2018

About Me

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Adam J. Ouellette

Founder, Author and Recovering Attorney

     Hi there! Happy to have you here.  Thanks for requesting more info about me and my work. I practiced law for 23 years in Florida until it was time to do share with you what I learned about business, the practice and life. I found the profession quite overwhelming for many years until I focused only on what I loved doing day in and day out, and the world opened up! Some folks have asked me if I loved what I was doing in the law then why leave to do this work? I had done it all and was bored! I had some amazing success and decided to listen to my intuition and begin to teach others full time thru my online videos and classes.

     I am what some would call a “student of life,” since I was always asking questions about life, business, and the law on an everyday basis. As a result, I read thousands of books (usually a few a week), went to any seminar I had time for, and took a bunch of online classes. I can call myself an expert on many topics, not only because I learned about them, but IMPLEMENTED it in my life! I am here to share with you all I have learned and how you can use it to move toward your ideal life in every way.

     The types of law I practiced were varied and broad, so what I teach can help anyone who calls themselves an attorney anywhere in the world. What I practiced: real estate law, real estate litigation, real estate closings, condo law, condo board representation, family law, guardianships, business litigation, business law, commercial real estate, commercial real estate closings, I represented lenders and banks in their residential and commercial closings, contract law, wills, trusts and probate.


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